Seagate Hard Drive Dies Firmware Death

I experienced the worst feeling a computer owner can have this week. I had turned on my computer and waited for the usual tones of the Windows Vista startup chimes, but was instead greeted with an error message from the motherboard stating that no startup disc could be found. A quick check through my system showed that the hard drive was powered on, but couldn’t be accessed by the motherboard.

Of course, later that day, I heard about the Seagate firmware bug that’s killing hard drives. Had I gotten word of this prior to the failure, I might have been able to load an update to resolve the issue, but currently my data is locked in the drive without access.

I tried contacting Seagate through their support line, but only ran into a message stating that there was a technical issue with their call system and to look at their website for support. Unfortunately, the support website was down as well.

Honestly, this incident, and the lack of information and support has turned me away from being a steady customer of Seagate drives.

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