A Few Early Ghosts and Goblin Visitors

We’ve had a small, but steady flow of visitors to the Meister House Halloween display since the Fox 8 Morning News segment.

The Meister Mom is always happy to see people stop by, so we’ve taken to keeping the oversized garage display open and welcoming in guests as we see them stopping in front of the house. She’s clearly enjoying the added time to share all the hard work she’s put into this year’s setup with everyone.

Only a few more days left until the Halloween weekend, but in the meantime, we’re going to have fun with the crazy setup that is the Meister House display.

One thought on “A Few Early Ghosts and Goblin Visitors”

  1. Derek-i watched your segment on Fox 8 news but have been unable to find where Ables is in Painesville. It is not coming up on any map program I’ve tried. I live in Willowick and I’m a little familiar with Painesville, can u give me some direction as to where your street is. I would love to come see your display!!

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