Slow Riding Through Pennsylvania Back Country Roads

Pennsylvania Farm

For a change of pace, I headed towards the Ohio-Pennsylvania border today on the FZ6.

I took Route 6 out to Meadville, then Route 27 over to Titusville, and finally Route 89 up to Erie and back to Painesville.

The Pennsylvania roads in the northeast would be great for anyone looking to do some cruiser or 2UP riding. They aren’t too technical, their curves tend to be long and sweeping versus tight and twisty.

You do have to be mindful, though, especially this early in the season. The corners still have sand, gravel, salt and ash left over from the Winter. It’ll take a few really good Spring storms to clean those road obstacles out.

That said, there are other challenges that will continue through the year. Many of the side roads are dirt or gravel, with lots of trucks pulling the debris onto the country highways as they pull out.

I also ran into patches of Amish buggies moving slowly across some areas, and slow moving farm equipment in others.

It ended up being a 250 mile ride, which isn’t much by “iron butt” standards, but the relaxed pace and scenic countryside made up for it.

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