Earth Day Recycling Radio Tour

Monday is Earth Day, so I am spending this morning talking to a number of radio stations about Best Buy and Geek Squad’s electronics recycling and trade-in programs.

Who I’m speaking to this morning:

  • WNPQ-AM in Cleveland
  • WYYZ-AM in Atlanta
  • WYYZ-AM in Roanoke
  • USA Radio (National)
  • KCMN-AM in Colorado
  • WYRQ-FM in Minneapolis
  • WXGM-FM in Norfolk
  • WIZM-AM in Eau Claire
  • Your Health Network (National)
  • WQEL-AM in Columbus
  • WDIS-AM in Boston
  • WDIS-AM in Seattle
  • WDIS-AM in Philadelphia
  • KORN-AM in Sioux Falls
  • KXYL-FM in Abilene

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