Graphical Remix

ATI Catalyst remixed images

If you have an ATI Radeon 9500 and higher video card as well as the latest video drivers (currently Catalyst 3.8) then you can play with some of above graphics using the built-in Smartshader effects.

If you open the advanced video driver properties and look under the “3D” tab, you’ll notice you can change the custom settings for both Direct 3D and OpenGL. Within the custom settings, you’ll find another tab for “Smartshader”, which will apply such effects as a Sobel edge detection algorithm based “sketch” mode, as well as stylized black and white, which converts low intensity pixels to gray scale, leaving a nice effect of only certain objects containing color. The “classic” effect turns everything into a sepia colored mode which resembles older movies, and which helps the immersiveness of games like Mafia or IL-2 Sturmovik.

A useless, yet fun, little addition, and example of the possibilities of smartshader technology.

Biting the hand that feeds . . .

There’s a new article up at SFGate about the RIAA’s latest attack on their customer base, in which they’ve now warned another 204 people that legal action is being prepared. This time around, however, the RIAA is allowing them some time before the lawsuits begin to conveniently settle out of court.

For those fans of the

For those fans of the animated Batman series, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is scheduled to hit DVD October 21st.

The animation is at the average level found within the later part of the animated series, and while certainly not quite “feature length movie” quality, is better than some of the worse early seasons from the same production house. There are a few spots where those familiar with animation techniques will spot a few corners cut, as well as other spots that contain some very well done sequences.

The plot is relatively complex in its twists and turns, given that this is a movie spawned from an animated series, something the adult fans will appreciate, while still being appropriate for kids. The main characters are well-acted, with the possible exception of Robin, whom thankfully gets little screen time and makes one wonder what the point in basing the story in the time period where Batman has a sidekick was.

Overall, a definite recommended rental from your local video store when it comes out next week.