Geek Squad Remote Support Showdown

Laptop Magazine reviewed three remote support options in a tech support showdown between Geek Squad Remote Support, iYogi and

SPOILER ALERT – Geek Squad Remote Support came out on top:

Based on our experience, we strongly recommend Geek Squad’s tech support services. The agents were courteous, friendly, and efficient, and we were not charged for our two troubleshooting issues.

Dear Mom, I Enlisted in the Twelpforce

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@TwelpforceThis week marked the official launch of Best Buy’s @Twelpforce, which allows customers to connect with regular employees for questions and support with products and services they are looking at, or have already bought.

TechCrunch has been very positive on the idea of connecting customers with employees, calling it, “a phenomenal way to engage with Twitter users and social media in general.”

I’ve had an opportunity to join in on the experience as a Geek Squad Agent, and it’s been eye-opening in just how powerful the idea is. I’ve seen hundreds of customer-employee interactions since the launch, and it’s wonderful to see how welcomed the responses are by the public.

I think the thing that makes this idea so unique is that it’s not just another contact point for a company public relations team. Instead, it’s made up of regular employees from around the world, 700+ at last count. The expectation for participation, according to the publicly-available website is that @Twelpforce members, “just have to be curious, proactive, and helpful- much of the same stuff you do everyday.”

I look forward to more @Twelpforce twittering in my future!