Is Social Media Over?

“Social media is over,” said James Franco at a recent nonprofit benefit. The actor and write received much attention for live tweets sent out during his co-hosting duties at the Oscars. However, after just a few months of being on Twitter, he’s said that he’s looking to spend less time on the service.

Is Franco right? Will social media be another online fad to be eventually forgotten like our Geocities home pages and AOL chat rooms? With over 600 million Facebook members and 155 million tweets posted every day, it’s not hard to look at the statistics and balk at James Franco’s prediction. However, as a Geek Squad Agent who helps the public with their technology every day, I see a more fundamental proof that social media is here to stay: the simple human need to share our experiences. Continue reading “Is Social Media Over?”

Tech Tips for Home DIY Projects

WTAM 1100 – Geek Squad Tech Tips for April 18th, 2011

Spring is slowly making its way here, and the warmer weather often brings with it the desire to start on those home improvement projects you’ve been thinking about over the Winter.

I spoke to Bill Wills from the Wills & Snyder radio show on Cleveland’s WTAM 1100 this morning about how you can use technology like how-to videos and smartphone apps to help with those DIY projects.

Connecting Your Laptop to Your HDTV


One of the more common questions we see at Twelpforce are laptop owners wondering how they can connect their computers to their HDTVs. I created this overview of how to determine which connections you have available to you, along with what cables you’ll need to get your computer display onto that big screen television in the living room.

Future Trends at CES 2011 – Fox 8 News


For the 20,000 Geek Squad Agents nationwide, the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show is a great place to spot future technology trends.

I had a chance to speak to Cleveland’s Fox 8 News about what I saw at this year’s CES and what it may mean for you.

Visit for more coverage of the CES 2011.