Homeworld Revisited


Some feelings of gaming nostalgia over the holidays led me to reinstall the PC game Homeworld on my system this week.

For a game that’s nearly 10 years old, it holds up very well, and ran with little issue on my Vista 64-bit system.

The game has a great, epic feel, with haunting music and cinematic cut scenes, which made for a very satisfying play through. Although some critics originally complained about the slow pace of the game, I always loved the tension that came from huge space battleships firing volleys of laser death across the void at each other.

Fallout 3

Nearly every free hour I’ve had since the the release of Fallout 3 has been spent wandering the post-apocalyptic wastelands portrayed in the action-RPG game world created by Bathesda.

I absolutely did not expect to be as swept up by the amazing atmosphere and story created by the developers, yet I would often find myself staring at my computer screen late into the night, wishing for just a little more time to explore one more undiscovered area in the game’s barren and war-torn landscape.

In many ways, the highest compliment I can give to the game is that it makes me look forward to re-entering it’s bleak world as soon as I get home from work.

Geek Squad Invades 2008-New York Comic Con

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/TQP8MJXNMSA" width="450" height="375" wmode="transparent" /]

My interview with “Mister T” can be found, along with all the other videos myself and Deputy Field Marshal Walrod collected during our trip, can be found on my Geek Squad Invades 2008 New York Comic Con page.

Zack & Wiki: Puzzler for the Wii

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/ziV03wLGDnY" width="450" height="375" wmode="transparent" /]

One of the biggest complaints I have about my Nintendo Wii is the fact that most of the 3rd party games that have come out since the console’s launch have been little more than hastily created mini-game compilations.

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure may have a clunky title, but it does make up for it with gameplay. The game is a puzzle point and click adventure that can be extremely challenging once you progress through the levels.

If anything, the cutesy characters, harmless storyline and wacky name may be a downside for a game that is possibly more difficult than the age group the art design seems to be targeting. But for adults, the challenge available after the first few levels will keep them interested and satisfy them with the “aha!” moments as they work their way through them.

The Wii control scheme feels like it fits the game, rather than merely being an add-on gimmick, though there are some non-essential mini-games available within the normal levels that will make you want to skip them immediately due to issues with controller lag. However, the motion sensing works fine for the regular game, so it’s not a game killer.