Hide-n-Seek Clock Bot

The MIT Media Lab has a potential new product for those of us over-sleepers who’ve developed the skill of being able to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock multiple times without actually waking up.

ClockyClocky is a prototype product in the shape of an oddly amusing little two-wheeled, brown carpet encased robot alarm clock that patiently sits by your bed until you hit the snooze button after the alarm goes off. The plucky little robot then springs into action, taking off as fast as its little wheels can take it and uses various bump sensors to find a random hiding spot in your room to wait until its built in alarm goes off again.

By finding a new spot to hide every time its snooze button is hit, the over-sleeper is forced to either deal with the alarm going off, or get themselves up out of bed to go hunt the little device down. While this sounds annoying, it could be just the thing needed to get many of us out of bed and onto our feet when we need it most.

While still in the prototype phase, Clocky’s developers think they can eventually produce an actual product priced at just under $20.

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