Thumbdrive of SECURITY!

While working on a good number of computers every day that require a number of standard security and diagnostic software, I decided that using CD-Rs was entirely too time-consuming and wasteful. Instead, I’ve purchased a thumbdrive, which for those unfamiliar with the technology, is simply a general name for any small, removable drive built using flash memory and that can be plugged into any available USB port.

The particular thumbdrive I purchased is Sandisk’s 1GB Cruzer Mini. While most consumers could probably get away with one of the cheaper 128MB, 256MB or even 512MB thumbdrives, I went for a full gigabyte due to the large number of files I tend to move back and forth between machines.

The Cruzer Mini is nice and small, though if I was going to make another, similar, purchase, I would probably look for a USB drive that had a strong loop in order to attach the thumbdrive to my keychain.

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