Linkskey USB and Audio KVM Switch

Linkskey USB Plus Audio KVM

If you’re looking to use two computers with a single monitor, USB mouse and USB keyboard, you might want to check out the Linkskey USB KVM switch ($28 @

This unit includes built-in cables for the USB, VGA, speakers and microphone ports, making the overall setup clean and simple. Since I have two sets of speakers for my computers, I did not make use of the audio support, which is often the weakest feature in most KVM switches. However, my 19″ Samsung monitor, Saitek Eclipse USB keyboard and Microsoft USB mouse all work flawlessly with the device.

The only drawback to the device comes from one of my two workstations running Ubuntu Linux, which seems to not want to allow the KVM to detect the double-tap of the scroll-lock key for quick switching, but placing the KVM in a convenient place so that I can easily use the button on the unit itself to switch from computer to computer has made this of little inconvenience.

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