Joining the Apple Community in Baby Steps

In my current occupation of in-home and on-site technical support, I’ve come across just enough service calls involving an Apple computer that I wish I had more experience with the platform.

In many ways, Macs will always be involved in a chicken and egg scenario when it comes to support as there aren’t as many qualified support people who to bring those kind of customers to our service, yet if there’s never a large enough number of those people calling us up, it’s hard to justify having those specially qualified agents.

An opportunity came up yesterday, however, when a surplus Apple Mac mini came up in our inventory at a price that’s less than I’ve paid for some video cards. I snatched the unit up and now have it connected up via a USB KVM switch to my existing setup.

It’s not a powerful unit by any means, only sporting a 1.25GHz G4 processor, 256MB of DDR ram and a 40GB notebook harddrive, but at least it will provide a nice little self-training platform for Apple’s OSX operating system.

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