Bissel SpotBot

Bissel SpotbotNow that I’ve got a new puppy that’s not housetrained yet, doggy messes are more common here at the Meister House than ever. In light of that, I picked up one of Bissel’s new SpotBots.

I already have a decent vacuum cleaner and a Hoover Agility Steam Cleaner, but dragging both out to clean a small stain is often overkill.

The SpotBot is designed to be placed over stains and set to one of two automated cleaning cycles. From there, the circular brush and wet-vac nozzles scrub at the mess with a combination of water and steam cleaner chemicals. The longer of the two cycles takes about six minutes to complete and the device can be left unattented during that time.

The unit works well as a specialized cleaning tool, but certainly isn’t a replacement for weekly cleaning with your regular carpet cleaning tools. For those with kids and pets, the ability to quickly tackle stains, spills and messes makes it an easy buy.

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