Stay Safe While Holiday Shopping Online

I had an opportunity this morning to speak with Bill Wills on WTAM 1100 AM this morning about ways to protect yourself while doing your holiday shopping online this year.

Listen Here: security tips for online holiday shopping

Some general tips:

  • Use Protected Wireless – Anytime you’re accessing a website where your credit card or banking information is being used, be aware that there’s the potential for others on that network to “listen in”. If you’re using your home wireless network, make sure it’s secured. If you’re on a public wifi network, like in a coffee shop, avoid sites requiring sensitive information whenever possible.
  • Change Your Password Regularly – It’s human nature to use the same password for every site. While it’s easier to remember, it’s also easier for someone with access to your information on one website to access another, so try to use different passwords for each site if possible. Also, consider changing your passwords every six months, if not more frequently.
  • Beware Holiday Spam – Spammers have holiday gifts to buy too, so they’re going to increase the number of scams they send out via email or social media websites. Be wary of opening attachments or clicking on links from people you don’t know.
  • Keep Your Security Software Current – Make sure your antivirus and antispyware programs are up to date and scanning your system for unwanted malicious software on at least a weekly basis.

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