Celebrating the Failed Tech of 2008

HD-DVD Xbox 360 Add-On

I’ve decided that I will end the last few hours of 2008 watching HD-DVD movies on my Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on in order to symbolically close out the year celebrating the failed technology of 2008.

While I’m doing that, I’ll have my 30GB Zune that locked up today along with everyone else’s due to that clock device bug sitting on top of the stack of HD-DVD movies I got as part of one of the last ditch offers to get the format jump started by the studios.

God speed, you failed tech of 2008! 2009 failed tech, here we come!

Fall Xbox 360 Update: Full Games for Download

The UK website CVG is reporting that the scheduled December 2nd release of this fall’s Dashboard update for Microsoft’s XBox 360 will include the ability to download and play full games for the original Xbox.

The service, dubbed Xbox Originals, will be available to Xbox Live members for 1200 Microsoft points, which translates to about $15.