Fox 8 News & Geek Squad – What is GoogleTV?


If you’re looking for a new HDTV this holiday season, you might want to check out SmartTVs that combine television and the web with technologies like GoogleTV. I had a chance to talk to Cleveland’s Fox 8 News this morning about GoogleTV and why you might want it in your living room.

Organizing Your Tech (and Life) in 2010

I spoke with Bill Wills and Dave Ramos of Cleveland’s WTAM 1100 this morning about how to organize your technology in 2010 by making sure your important data is backed up.

We also talked about how you can use your technology to organize your life, such as syncing your calendar between Google Calendar, iCal on the Mac, and with your smartphone.

Listen here: WTAM 1100 – Organize Your Tech (and Life) in 2010

Gmail Tasks and the iPhone

The Official Gmail Blog has an entry up talking about their new Gmail Tasks web application.

The nice part is that not only can you use this application via the web on your computer, but on mobile devices such as the iPhone via the mobile browser. Google even went as far as posting a quick how-to video on getting the app to show up on your home page:

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Google Chrome Now Available for Download

Google has just released their first public beta for Google Chrome, a brand new web browser based on the Webkit codebase. Currently, only Microsoft Windows is supported with an available download, though there are links to register for updates for Linux and OS X.

For a detailed, though entertaining, explanation on why the company is working on their own web browser, visit the Behind the Open Source Browser Project comic.

Exactly how much of an impact the release of yet another web browser will have is still undetermined, but if any company can make it big, it would probably be Google.