It’s a Twitter Christmas for Retail

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ABC World News took a look at the “Twitter Christmas” in this report about how retail companies are using social media resources like Twitter and Facebook to reach out to the public.

I had a chance to speak about our own @Twelpforce in the report, as I answered incoming tweets while on-camera.

US Presidential Communication Milestones

New entry posted on the Geek Squad blog:

Since the first Presidential election in 1789, we’ve seen 220 years of progress in how our appointed leaders talk to us. Our nation’s highest office has seen the advent of radio, television and the World Wide Web. In honor of President’s Day, we’ve put together a timeline of our favorite communication milestones, and the Presidents who’ve ushered them in.

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Shipping: Another Point for Gift Cards

I came out of the UPS Store today $20 lighter after having shipped out two presents across country for my family. Considering how long it took to wrap the presents and get them ready to ship, along with the cost of boxes, bubble wrap and shipping, I’m very much seeing the allure of simply giving gift cards out to friends and family.

Are gift cards classy, thoughtful gifts? No, yet only having to toss one in an envelope to wrap it up and ship it out is definitely a point in their favor.

Halloween 2007 at the Meister House

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This year’s Trick or Treat event at the Meister House was our biggest yet, with over 200 kids visiting our Halloween display. Like most years, we had a steady stream of people coming for the first time only to come back later in the evening to bring friends and family back to see all we’ve setup over the last few weeks.

The streets in the area were filled with people for much of the night, resulting in our newest neighbors running out of candy, making a quick trip to buy more, then running out again all over the three hours the city officially recognizes for the night. We had an oversized bowl of candy, as well as several others around the garage area, all of which were empty by the end.

Our two biggest additions this year, Jason and Joe, went over extremely well with both the kids and adults. We joked that next year, we’re investing in high speed photo printers and digital cameras so that we can charge people to have pictures taken, much like the amusement parks do.

Halloween 2007: Two New Faces

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Halloween 2007 has come and gone at the Meister House, but while I cut up the video I took during the night, I thought I would post a little snippet with two of the latest additions to our animated figures: Jason from Friday the 13th and Joe, the self-decapitating zombie.