WTAM 1100 – Passwords & Kerbals

Even the most advanced security can be defeated by a poorly chosen password. On this week’s #Tech Tuesday segment on WTAM 1100 Newsradio, Bill Wills and I discuss basic tips on how to choose a strong password. I do recommend the use of a password managers, such as LastPass and DashLane.

We also talk about Kerbal Space Program, a fun but smart physics-based game for all ages with an interest in rockets and spaceflight. More information and a free demo can be found at kerbalspaceprogram.com.

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From Kerbin to the Mun


My latest Kerbal Space Program project (CODENAME: Munraker) is a basic Mun shot with a mid-stage lander behind fairings, like Apollo 11.

Kerbal Space Program is a wonderfully addictive game that allows you to build, fly (and hopefully not crash) rockets and spaceplanes with little green kerbal astronauts.

The game features physics that allow you to get elbow deep in orbital physics, while also offering a number of mods and plugins from the KSP community to help give any skill level pilot a great time blasting off into the inky darkness outside of the planet Kerbin.

For more about the game, visit kerbalspaceprogram.com