How Twitter Could Manage “Pro” Accounts

TwitterTwo themes I see in a number of recent Twitter stories talk about how the company needs to find a way to generate revenue, as well as how businesses can use Twitter to reach out to their customers. There’s already talk of Twitter creating “professional” accounts, but critics wonder what features they could offer for business clients.

After thinking about it, one of the first suggestion I have would be the creation of a Twitter account infrastructure to allow multiple sub-accounts. Often, the marketing teams of companies will have multiple employees all using the same account, which can create security and tracking issues. Twitter should allow the creation of sub-accounts, all with their own login requirements for each employee, that could post on behalf of the main account.

Another feature Twitter could offer would be extra security for professional accounts that tracks posting behaviors in order to detect and prevent hacks and hijacks. High-profile Twitter accounts are a prime target for bad guys to try and take over for their own use, so having a system that could detect logins and password changes from suspect sources would be a great benefit for the credibility of that account.

I’m sure there will be plenty of other features available, such as increased data tracking features (like number of views from non-follower sources), but the above are two that I could see to be key for the growing professional Twitter market.