New Twelpforce Commercial – “Annie”

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This one made me laugh, if only because I’ve actually heard parents of college-bound children say similar snarky things while in the field.

Barry Judge, the Chief Marketing Officer for Best Buy, mentions the commercials in a blog post about Twelpforce and how it is blurring the line between customer service and marketing.

Also, John Bernier talks about the Twelpforce learning experiment in a blog entry called Getting Dressed in a Glass House.

10 thoughts on “New Twelpforce Commercial – “Annie””

  1. I love the line “she’s good at that (doing nothing)”…said very convincingly. I’ve seen this commercial many times on the Discovery Channel Family.

  2. What a cute commercial…. Questions and answers that all parents need to know. We just recently had to buy our grandson a computer for college and the people at Best Buy were very helpful!!

  3. Cute commercial. Any parent can relate. I laughed at her response to her daughter not having to do anything, “she’s good at that.” Like most teens.

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