I’m a Twelpforce Team Member, and so are you!

Recently, I’ve found myself adding “… and Twelpforce Team Member” to my listed position at Best Buy on documents like the short bio page I had to create for my local Geek Squad group. I started doing this after I came to notice that Twelpforce had become far more than just something I did on the side at Best Buy. Instead of just another task or responsibility, being part of the Twelpforce really does feel like being part of something unique in our corporate culture here.

Even more interesting to me is that I really consider every employee who contributes to Twelpforce as a full-on Twelpforce Team Member, worthy of adding that to their listed position, regardless of how often they do so.

The reason, I believe, is that even if an employee is only able to help answer a single question every once in a while, they’ve gone above and beyond their normal duties to reach out and directly provide help to a worldwide audience of current and potential customers. Every single “twelp” they contribute truly helps those with questions out there in a way that personifies what we mean by Best Buy believing in “the power of our people”.

Every interaction through Twelpforce is a lesson for us that begins with a question, but ends as an interaction with a customer who now has an answer that may solve an issue they had, or inspire them to new possibilities.

All thanks to 2,500 of my fellow employees, every one of which I’m proud to call a Twelpforce Team Member.

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