Videos for Valentine’s Day

In a world as connected as ours, Valentine’s Day offers some interesting new challenges, as well as opportunities, for those who make heavy use of technology. A recent Twitter post from @GeekSquadUK asks, “Can a Facebook message be as romantic as a bunch of flowers?

As a Geek, I think so. Of course, that Facebook message will need to uniquely and creatively gets your feelings across to your loved ones. Continue reading “Videos for Valentine’s Day”

Halloween 2010 at the Meister House


And so it was, Halloween 2010 at the Meister House. The trick-or-treaters had their fill of both candy and decorations, and we received plenty of compliments from the family and friends they brought along with them.

Check out our Flickr photo gallery as well.

Working the Graveyard Shift 2010


Work continues on the 2010 Halloween display at the Meister House. We decided to move the graveyard from the side to the front of the house. Once setup is complete, we’ll use a small FM transmitter to allow people driving by to listen in on the show, which will be setup to run daily between 7 to 9pm.

The lightshow is run using a D-Light 16 channel controller hooked up to a small home-built PC running AuroraShow.

Shipping: Another Point for Gift Cards

I came out of the UPS Store today $20 lighter after having shipped out two presents across country for my family. Considering how long it took to wrap the presents and get them ready to ship, along with the cost of boxes, bubble wrap and shipping, I’m very much seeing the allure of simply giving gift cards out to friends and family.

Are gift cards classy, thoughtful gifts? No, yet only having to toss one in an envelope to wrap it up and ship it out is definitely a point in their favor.

Major Meister

Major Major Major Major

There should be some celebrating going on in Columbus, Ohio tonight as my sister just received official word that she will promoted to the rank of Major in the US Air Force in the coming year. She previously won Public Health Officer of the Year in 2006 and continues to receive outstanding reviews from the Air Force.

Of course, now the race is on for my brother, a Captain in the US Army who became a commanding officer in South Korea in 2006, to reach Major prior to the next time he sees her. Otherwise, she’ll be SURE to make him salute her.