Halloween Countdown – Dimmable LED Floodlights


One of the changes I am making to my home Halloween light show is the use of LED floodlights to replace the standard incandescent bulbs.

LED lights will use much less electricity than standard floodlights, saving both on our electrical bill, as well as making the light show less likely to trip a breaker. The downside to LED lights is that they have traditionally not been dimmable. These LED floodlights are designed to get around that limitation, for use in home lighting.

For those interested, these LED lights were purchased from WOWLights.com.

Fox 8 News – Halloween Tech Tips for 2011


Halloween is known for the paranormal, but it can also be about technology. I gave a few examples of how you can use apps and websites to track your kids, light their way and enjoy the holiday to Wayne Dawson of Fox 8 News in Cleveland this morning.

Tech Tuesday – Hi-Tech Halloween Tips

This week’s Tech Tuesday segment for KARE 11 News in Minneapolis allowed me to talk about my two favorite topics: “Halloween” and “Technology”.

I gave smartphone tips to parents and costume seekers, and even had a chance to show off the Meister House Halloween setup.

Halloween 2010 at the Meister House


And so it was, Halloween 2010 at the Meister House. The trick-or-treaters had their fill of both candy and decorations, and we received plenty of compliments from the family and friends they brought along with them.

Check out our Flickr photo gallery as well.

Fox 8 News – Halloween Tech at the Meister House


Terror and technology combine at the Meister House Halloween display. I had a chance to speak with the Fox 8 News morning team about how we create our holiday lightshow experience.

Even the Agent Meister Mom was there to explain how she collects the hundreds of Halloween decorations that make up our display.