My Beginner’s Telescope

The recent eclipse reignited my interest in stargazing. After looking through a number of online recommendations, I settled on the AWB One Sky.

The 5-inch f/5 reflector is a nice balance between features and price for a beginner. The telescope even collapses down into a very portable package for bringing to the local dark part for viewing the stars.

I particularly like that half of the $199 price goes to funding Astronomers Without Borders worldwide education programs.

#TechTuesday – Avoiding the Summer Brain Drain

Students anxiously await summer break. It’s a time to sleep in, hang out with friends and spend lazy days on the beach.

But, unfortunately, it also can undo some of the learning from the recent school year. In fact, many students will lose between one and three months of learning during the summer, according to the National Summer Learning Association.

The phenomenon is often called “brain drain.” But technology is one tool that can help fight it.

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