Geek Squad Academy Congressional Internship

Geek Squad AcademyDo you know any college women interested in scicence, technology and public policy?

The Geek Squad Academy and the Women’s High Tech Coalition are teaming up to offer 2 female college students a Congressional summer internship to work on science and technology-related public policy on Capital Hill.

The deadline to apply is May 6th, so if you know anyone interested, send them a link to the Geek Squad News article today!

My Day as an Election Poll Worker

November 4th is finally over, and my 14 hours working at an election polling precinct is complete. It was a long, long day, but ultimately worth it.

Turnout in our precinct was strong, with nearly 72% of all eligible voters having taken their part in the election process, either through early voting or on the 4th itself.

With the results of what will no doubt be a historic election, it will be a day I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Poll Worker Meister

I went down to the local Board of Elections for Poll Worker training today. It was interesting seeing the process behind election day preparations. I’m glad I volunteered, as looking around the room, I was definitely the youngest person there. And in an increasingly technology-based world, it’s important to get some tech-savvy volunteers there for the growing number of electronic voting machine questions.